Insight Report

The Insight report provides information on your business’s 6 key marketing categories:

  • Online Listings
  • Website Functionality
  • SEO
  • Digital Advertising
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media

The Insight Report is like a digital report card for your business. Letter grades are assigned to 6 key marketing categories based on their performance online, providing you with simple and insightful information on your business’s online presence. Our goal is to allow you to see what categories your business is excelling in and which categories need improvement. In the past, you would have to pay traditional marketing agencies hundreds of dollars just for them to retrieve half of the information we provide you, plus additional thousands of dollars a month to provide solutions. We are not a traditional marketing agency. At GMV we believe that any information about your business is your business and it should be free for you to receive and make decisions on yourself. That is why we created the Insight Report and made it available to you for free. Fill out the form below to receive your Insight Report today.

With an Insight Report you will be able to:

  • Receive accurate information about your business.
  • Analyze each marketing category individually.
  • Compare your score to local competition.
  • Review your report with a marketing professional from GMV.
  • Implement simple digital solutions to improve your scores.

Social Media Solutions

Social Media has become essential for connecting, creating and sharing information in today’s world. According to Facebook analytics, 196 million+ people are on social media every day. Spending an average of 11hrs per day watching, reading, interacting and buying things online. That being said, we understand how valuable a strong social media presence can be even if you’re not regularly active online. Tapping into the power of social media can seem overwhelming but with clear communication, fast execution and 24hr support our priority at GMV is to simplify your social media incentives. Whether you’re looking to manage multiple accounts, tell a brand story or simply get more likes on a post, we have you covered. No monthly contracts, No overpriced promises, just results. Fill out the form below to get your social media solutions today.

Full-Scale Website Development

From business to personal, your website is a reflection of who you are and what you represent. Keeping your website up to date with the latest trends, tec, and information is essential for success online. Whether your looking to start a website from scratch or update an existing site, we have you covered in all aspects both short and long term. Upon approval, we work tirelessly to achieve your desired goal. We will accomplish this through a selection of in house professionals as well as our extensive database of certified freelancers’ with proven expertise in Website Development, Hosting, Backend Development, SEO (Search – Engine – Optimisation) and so much more. Simply fill out the form below to start your website solutions today.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertisements delivered right to your inbox. With our paid advertising services we work with you to create custom and effective advertising material. You will now have the ability to advertise to past customers, local customers, hyper-targeted audiences and even your competitors customers all without compromising consumer privacy. At the end of each campaign we will show you the amount of calls, store visits and revenue you have generated. According to Facebook, 52% of a person’s buying decision can be traced back to sponsored post on social media. People spend enough time online, it could be considered their second job. With our digital advertising services we take the headache out of producing this result for you by making the process of strategy, creation, and management simpler. After all you’re not advertising to get views and clicks, your advertising to get results. Fill out the form below to begin your advertising efforts today.

Graphics & Designs

Turn any vision into a reality with our Graphics & Design services. Starting the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration can get complex. Let us help you with the entire process of finding inspiration to delivering a final product you can be proud of. Backed by our selection of in house professionals as well as our extensive database of certified freelancers’ with proven expertise in Logo Design, Flyer Design, Illustration, T-shirts / Merchandise, Twitch Store and so much more. We ensure you are at the right place to turn your idea into a reality. Simply fill out the form below to receive your solution today.

Video & Animation

Everyone has a unique story to tell, with our Video & Animation services we want to help you tell yours. GMV has developed a way to make the process of finding inspiration and delivering large projects simpler. Think of us as your new video & production staff. We accomplish this by making it easy to reach out and explain what you are looking to get done. We work with our selection of in house professionals as well as our extensive database of certified freelancers’ with proven expertise in Video Editing, Logo Intros, Lyric & Music Videos, Animated GIFs and much more. Ensuring clear communication combined with a strong work ethic producing you the best result possible. Fill out the form below to receive your solution today.

Writing & Translation

Kiss writer’s block goodbye and say hello to our Writing & Translation solution. Unlock the ability to produce original content for any amount of writing you need to be done as well as translation services for any language in the world. We assign a  selection of in house professionals and an exclusive database of certified freelancers’ to work on your solution. Ensuring the best results possible, our team has a range of expertise in everything from, Articles & Blog Posts, Website Content, Sales Copy, too, Legal Writing, Press Releases, Script Writing and so much more. Fill out the form below to receive your Writing or Translation solution today.

Programming & Tech

Move forward with your next digital project or technical task with confidence. At GMV our mission is to provide scalable progress quicker so you have more time to focus on what matters to you our team of in house professionals and certified freelancers’ will work fiercely to produce your desired result. No matter the task big or small, we ensure the best digital solutions possible. We provide a wide range of expertise in everything from, Web Programming, E-commerce, Chatbots, too, Mobile App Development, File Conversions, Tech Support and so much more. Receive all the technical bells and whistles without breaking the bank. Fill out the form below to receive your digital solution today.